Hearing God in Conversation

How to Recognize His Voice Everywhere

Christ saved us and redeemed us. Yes: “Salvation belongs to the Lord.” But what did he save us for?

He saved us for restored relationship with him. And that means
communication. And communication means both speaking and listening.

The pages of scripture overflow with the nature of a God who speaks, and in Hearing God in Conversation,  Samuel Williamson teaches us how to recognize the voice of God.

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What authors have said:

Eugene Peterson said, “I picked up your book out of curiosity and couldn’t put it down.”  (Pastor, Professor Emeritus Regent College, and known for his popular paraphrase of the Bible, The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language)

“Here is a book that needs to be read. It’s interesting, relevant, and extremely important.  Please try especially to get into the hands of young new believers.” –Dr George Verwer (Founder of Operation Mobilization)

“Sam Williamson draws on his personal experience and evangelical heritage to offer a book rich with practical wisdom that can help Christians of all traditions learn to hear God in their lives.” –Dr. Ralph Martin (President of Renewal Ministries, Host of “The Choices We Face,” and Author of The Fulfillment of All Desire.)

“If you want to grow in your ability to recognize how God makes himself known to you, I can’t recommend a better guide than Samuel Williamson’s Hearing God in Conversation.”  –Wayne Jacobsen (Pastor and author of He Loves Me and Finding Church)

What is it about?

The purpose of the book is to help believers learn to hear God in their daily lives. Most Christians I know believe that Christianity is about a relationship with God, but they don’t experience that relationship in a daily way.

Adam and Even walked with God in the cool of the day; that means they had a conversational relationship with the Almighty. Their sin then created a barrier.

Christ then came to redeem us, but redeem us for what? Just so we can be good little boys and girls, or accurately recited the Apostles Creed?

His purpose for redemption must be greater.

He redeemed us to restore us to the conversational relationship with him. C. S. Lewis claimed, “For God is not merely mending, not simply restoring a status quo; redeemed humanity is to be something more glorious than unfallen humanity.”

If unfallen humanity had a conversational relationship with God, how much more will redeemed humanity.

God wants to talk with us, to hear us, yes!, of course; but he also longs for us to hear him. He calls to us, “Walk with me.”

Topics include:

  • How can we learn to recognize the sound of God’s voice
  • Hearing the actual voice of God in scriptural mediation
  • Discerning his voice from all the other voices we hear
  • Hearing God in his silence
  • Hearing God for another person
  • Holy Curiosity
  • How to respond when someone else gives us a “word from God”
  • Answers to the arguments that God doesn’t speak today
  • Hearing God for guidance

What people are saying:

  • In Hearing God In Conversation: How to Walk with God, Samuel Williamson affirms the church’s long-held position that God’s primary means of speaking to us is through scripture; while at the same time, through a blend of Bible teaching, contemporary and classic Christian authors, and personal experience, shows us that God is in no way limited in terms of what he can use to prompt us, nudge us and lead us. Written in a casual, sometimes lighthearted style, Hearing God in Conversation propels us to a place of expectancy with respect to God’s voice; to look for God’s personal message to us in a variety of circumstances; and to be aware that God has a vast catalog of means he uses to guide his children. –Paul Wilkinson  (former writer for Christianity Today’s Leadership Journal, Book industry consultant)
  • Hearing God. Is it real? Is it normal? Is it weird?  Sam grew up in a Christian family where listening to God was as normal and frequent as conversing with family members around the dinner table. It was simply what a relationship with God looked like for everyone, everyplace, all the time.  Sam has done a brilliant job explaining, through scriptures, stories and personal experiences, how God speaks and how to hear Him. –Gary Barkalow (Author It’s Your Call, founder, The Noble Heart)
  • “God is always speaking to us and he wants us to hear him.” In Hearing God in Conversation Sam Williamson gives some tools us to do just that. He does a masterful job in leading us to this end with honesty, insight, and with great advice. He writes about deep things with clarity and a disarming humor, helping the reader to explore new territory in hearing God’s voice. –David Mangan, Author of God Loves You and there’s nothing you can do about it
  • If your desire is to hear Jesus and not “religious platitudes, which lead into sleuths of despond, as Bunyan called them”   producing only biblical mimicry devoid of  “LIFE”! , then this book is for you.  You can know and have conversation with Jesus, who by His Spirit,  can and does, speak: “the sheep hear his voice, and he calls his own sheep by name, and leads them out”.  Go ahead and walk with Sam as he simply leads you to the great shepherd.   As Sam will share He really does know us by name.    –Thomas Mohn Pastor and author of “Good Morning Brother Pilgrim”
  • I know of no one who describes any better than Sam the ways that the events and thoughts of ordinary days over the course of an ordinary life are, with a little bit of attention on our part, the means of an Extraordinary Conversation. Martha –writer and thinker
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sam has a unique and appealing way of inviting us to a deeper experience of our relationship with God. In chapter after chapter, I found myself continually being stirred to be alone with the Father and enjoy the deep fellowship He invites me in to.” –John Hard (CPA, partner in firm)
  • Reading this book was pretty much a “You had me at hello” kind of a moment. I didn’t even make it through the preface before I thought, “This is going to be fascinating!” … “The spiritual journey is very counter intuitive in a modern, secular world. This book brilliantly invites both secular and religious groups on that journey in an engaging, funny, heartfelt way.” –Colin Scantlebury (Airline Captain)
  • WOW, what a blessing! I read it in less than 3 days. The conversational tone is so inviting. The Purpose of Scripture was breathtaking! Laura –Missionary
  • Hearing God in conversation” detangles one of the most important practical topic in Christian life: how to discern the voice of God, how to hear it in an everyday relationship. Well written, filled with humour and full of spiritual gems, this book will be a blessing for all those who desire to go deeper in their relationship with God and to walk closer to Him.” –Sandrine, missionary
  • Through alternately hilarious and moving personal stories, Sam Williamson guides us away from confusion about God’s voice and the all too prevalent expectation of hearing nothing from God into the many ways we can experience His guidance. He teaches us how to identify feelings that are, “nothing more than a poorly digested potato,” in order to develop skills to hear God better. Most importantly, Hearing God in Conversation focuses on cultivating a deep connection with a knowable God. “We want information, God wants a conversation.” Learn how to begin or strengthen the most important dialogue of your life. –Sarah, Artist, Hawaii
  • “I really think Sam’s book will hit the mark for a lot a people struggling to hear from God. It did for me. Sam really lays out some great thoughts about hearing the voice of God Too often I look to the word, to God’s voice looking for affirmation of what I need, not listening to quiet voice of God. It really helped me to adjust my expectations on how I hear from God. I can see myself reading Sam’s book at differing points in my journey and having profound impacts.” … “Honestly, until reading your book I had always looked to the “word of God” for answers of the questions I had, not looking for that quiet conversation.” –Doug, Baker
  • Sam Williamson has been one of the key sources of encouragement and evaluation who has strengthened my spiritual legs for this walk with God. To have in my hands, in printed words, his insight into what we are looking for together is a resource more valuable than I am able to put into words. This book raises the questions that need to be raised so we can hear what we need to hear. It’s a powerful blessing to be able to listen together as we continue forward on this journey. Bob Cain –pastor

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