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We offer two study guides for Hearing God in Conversation, one designed for eighteen weeks (a chapter a week) and the other designed for ten weeks (most weeks cover two chapters). The eighteen week guide is designed for both group study and personal study.

Each chapter in the study guides offers questions for prayerful reflection, an exercise to practice hearing God (we  learn more in the laboratory than in the lecture hall), and suggested prayers.

Simply click on the buttons below and download the guide. If you plan to study hearing God on your own, or if your group has time, I suggest the eighteen week guide. There is plenty to talk about in each chapter (but the ten week guide is great as well!).

If your small group would like to talk with me during one of your small group meetings, contact me and we’ll schedule a conference call for you to ask questions or share stories. Click here: Contact Me.

Download 18 Week Guide

18 Week Personal/Group Study Guide

Download 10 Week Guide

10 Week Group Study Guide

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