Does God Still Speak Today?

Instead of posting an article this week, I decided to try an experiment. My good friend Gary Barkalow interviewed me in a live video on  Facebook. The topic of the interview was: Does God Still Speak Today?

Listen in and tell me what you think.


And let me know if you have other questions about hearing God.


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Would you like a deeper, more conversational relationship with God? Do you wish you knew how to hear Him speak?

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  • How to recognize the sound of God’s voice
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  • How to hear His voice in Scripture

And many other ways in which God speaks!

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—Wayne Jacobson, pastor and author of He Loves Me and Finding Church

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2 thoughts on “Does God Still Speak Today?

  1. I thank you, Sam! I am a longtime fundamentalist who could not find a biblical viewpoint on listening to God. I cannot find anything objectional in what you have to say on this topic. I really need this and am so glad I found you. Can’t wait to read the book!