What Does God Think of Us?

When I first began Beliefs of the Heart, all my blogs were videos. Below is my very first take, shot and published March 19, 2010. I’m on vacation, and I hope you find my first blog interesting.

It asks the question: How does God think of us? What does he see that we don’t see? Scripture’s answer is surprising.

(My early production standards were simple: If it recorded, ship it. See if you can identify out dog Puzzle, the gale-force winds, and the reversing dump truck).

Length: 3 minutes 27 seconds

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4 thoughts on “What Does God Think of Us?

  1. Sam,

    Thanks for this reminder and challenge to recall what Jesus really thinks about us. Like Peter in the midst of my failures, He comes to me to remind me of the new heart he has given me and that He sees me in light of that heart.


  2. I also believe that Jesus asked Peter 3x “Do you love me?” because it was 3x that Peter denied Him. I believe that all of our faults, God wants to make up to us, like He “made up” to Peter. Just a thought!

    • I also wonder if Jesus asked Peter if Peter loved him, because Jesus knew that Peter did, and he wanted Peter to come to know it as well. And, as you say, he asked the same number as the times of Peter’s denials.