Scars, Glory, Addictions, and Satisfaction

Something inside us generates a deep longing for significance and substance. Yet almost every one of us feels ephemeral, we sense fleetingness, as though we are one more wave on the beach. So we struggle for splendor. And that struggle itself becomes our undoing. It creates a downward spiral into despair and darkness.

Our struggle for glory becomes an addiction.

See how it works and how we can overcome.

(WARNING TO CHILDREN: Do not do this at home! And no animals were hurt in the production of this video.)

Video length: 3 minutes 35 seconds

How can we get glory and significance?

Everyone we know is looking for glory, significance and meaning. We are not just casually looking but desperately striving. We rarely admit it, and we seldom see it in ourselves. But we see others ruthlessly pursuing careers, or relentlessly struggling to be the best parents, or hungrily pulling out all the stops in their ministry. We are looking for glory. But whatever glory we find never lasts. And we’re off on the eternal treadmill, racing for more.

How can we get a glory, significance and splendor that endures?

Video length: 3 minutes 39 seconds

Overcoming Chronic Failure and Sin

We all have chronic failures, sins, and shortcomings. We all would like to get rid of them, and we’re pretty sure God would like them to disappear too. Why doesn’t God just snap his fingers and take away our chronic failures? Wouldn’t that be the best solution? Maybe God is after something deeper.

(Sorry about the length of this blog–the longest I’ve done–but do please check it out. I hope it will be worthwhile.)

Video length: 5 minutes 5 seconds